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Current Manual Causes

In this climate there was no way we could let the development process stop us. We are here to help first and foremost. Now is the time to prove the model! 

Fill The Banks... Food banks that is.

Coolade, as well as some of our partners are putting together a cause to fill food banks that are in absolute peril and it may not get any better anytime soon. 

We are setting up a crowd funding mechanism that will be able to take over 17 cryptocurrencies due to This  will be converted to Bitcoin and then converted to supplies for food banks in major metro areas.


We will be able to not only prove that this mechanism is transparent and secure, but we are giving the protocol to the masses of people who would like to help. You too will be able to follow a very simple set of instructions to create whatever cause you would like, utilize our exchange widget, and get your cause completed!

A Manual Cause is a protocol that is the bare-bones template that Coolade will use to increase trust in crowdfunding.  Through existing mechanisms and technologies, it is possible to create a method of verification that will give a donor the information needed to make a wise decision as to where their donation is making the most impact. It will also help Coolade gain necessary data that will be used in the development of the platform.  The benefits are many, including creating communities around good works, but it also helps to benefit those who desperately need help now. 


The first Manual Cause that is being created is designed to help those affected by our slowed economy. We will be filling the cupboards of individuals in multiple communities. We will be networking to gain contact information of people who may need to receive some assistance and help them directly, as this is the most cost effective way to help, but we are hoping that our funding raised will be greater than the need of our local Asheville community, in which case we will be branching out into the surrounding large metropolis’. Starting in North and South Carolina and spreading regionally. It is our goal to have others start their own causes locally utilizing our system. This will be at no cost to them, we just want their feedback. 



Below is the step by step method of a manual cause setup. 


1. Decide who you want to help or what you would like to see happen. Create your Manual Cause! Write up a small explanation of what you would like to do and send us an email on our contact page. 


2. Download a multi-sig wallet of your choosing, we will be using Ownbit.  This will allow for maximum security regarding the usage of the funds. It is best to select at least three people to be signers of the transactions that will occur. It will be possible to create causes in limited number by contacting Coolade if you are not technically inclined. We may be able to supply a multisig wallet for you to utilize, with the caveat of having a representative from Coolade act as one of the signers.


3. Contact Coolade and we will make it so you have a Cause listed on the website and a donate button to donate directly to your wallet. This will give you the ability to have donations in dozens of currencies. This is all done automatically through the Changeangel widget. This exchange will allow you to select any of the 17 currencies that they offer with the ability to choose a single currency in which to exchange all donations into, placing it into your own multisig wallet.


4. Build the community around your cause. We can help anyone take donations, but the best part is that we can help manage the community as well as the cause. We can do this with as little, or as much help as you need given our community model. Promote your cause, get involved in our community, and start a community in your local area. The Coolade platform will have communication functions once released, but for now we can advise you regarding platforms that we use to manage our communities and answer any question you may have. 

Transactions are very simple these days. There are many ways to turn your Cryptocurrency into Fiat currency. Transferring the fiat is extremely easy and cost effective by utilizing many platforms that currently exist. For our Manual Cause, we will be using Cash app to transfer funds to recipients. Various debit cards can also be utilized, but it is best to show your transaction history in the most transparent way. Document those Fees!


5. The most important part of the Manual Cause protocol is transparency. We can absolutely help with reporting all currency movements through blockchain analytics and statements regarding fiat currencies, but it is up to the Manual Causes’ community to provide proof that the good work is being done. To give an example, we will be documenting all work necessary to accomplish the goal of feeding the people who need it, but also providing the proof that the work is being done. We can do this with today’s technology quite easily. Receipts can be given, pictures can be taken, video of progress can be posted to many social media platforms. Verification can come in all forms, just decide what works best for you and get the word out about your successful Cause.


6. Do it again! Create another Cause and do some good!