CoolADE Foundation

Group Students Smilling

The CoolADE Foundation is a group of people that have a plan to operate the foundation within a certain set of perimeters. It is our ultimate goal to actually dissolve the foundation once it reaches a pivotal point of maturity. It is our goal to have the entire foundation be governed by the people who use the CoolADE application as if it were a cause that was created within the system. It will run on the same platform it is building. 

When people get together and decide to propose updates a cause will be crated, funded, and and executed by those who made the decision to improve the application. Funding will be offered through our revenue model that will allow those involved to receive funds once certain requirements are met. This is all part of the Autonomous Donation Engine that runs the Coolade application.



Funding the Project

The success of the project will be decided by the people who believe in it. Donations and volunteer work will be critical until CoolADE reaches Minimum Viable Product. At which point, the application will be receiving a 0.5% transaction fee for all transactions that are "Cashed Out" of the system. There are stipulations regarding the transaction fee, but the design and partnerships we are creating will allow us to maintain a level of fees that are vastly more cost efficient than the majority of financial methods currently available. 

When the Coolade foundation is dissolved, The transaction fee will be utilized to fund updates on the application, marketing budgets, ambassador programs, and even match donations! All of these causes created around the world will be transparent, and efficient.