About the Application

Cleaning the Beach

Imagine what can happen when a Non-Profit is so cost effective that people are rewarded to help their community (i.e. cleaning a river). Coolade created an Autonomous Donation Engine to make this paradigm shift possible.

It is widely known that even the most well funded Non-Profits spend a large portion of their donations on administrative fees (accounting staff and software, advertising and etc).  In combination with the lack of transparency, there is a hinderance on effectiveness as weak as a barrier to entry for many donors and volunteers. This translates into less work being done in the community with the funding given.  

Cost Effective

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Fueling a Gig Economy

Coolade will offer a solution that will take the above inefficiencies and use them to fuel a gig economy around good works.  This solution is a decentralized application that will bridge the gap between the Non-Profit sector and the technology that will revolutionize the philanthropic landscape.  We also have the ability to do all of this in currencies of many types, including cryptocurrencies.

To see how this can be accomplished, please see the following subpages that break down the moving parts that make up this machine.


Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Volunteers and donors can be hard to acquire, track and maintain once the relationship has been started.  The volunteer needs to feel like their time has been utilized in the way they had hoped, and the donor needs to see that their funds are going to a good cause.  The answer to this problem is transparency. 

Currently the public has to trust various rating entities and possess the skills of an accountant to hold a non-profit accountable.  We need to be able to deem them trustworthy enough to donate to.  We have all heard the stories of waste, fraud and abuse that has happened with philanthropic organizations.

The Need for Volunteers

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How BlockChain will help.

Coolade relies on blockchain technology, smart contracts and clever gamification that entices people to do good work efficiently and transparently.  Through our software, a Non-Profit can have the ability to create a cause oriented escrow that will not only give them the ability to automatically complete their tracking and reporting, but they will also be able to maintain all of their donors and volunteers in a way that is closer to a social networking than a CRM spreadsheet.  


Any Cause created in the Coolade ecosystem has a multitude of options when it comes to customization, but it is intuitive enough to be managed by anyone in the organization.  This mitigates the need for large administrative fees, resulting in more donations going to good works.  As this efficiency and transparency becomes present, more donors and volunteers will become involved with the Non-Profit.

The icing on the cake, we can do it all for free without keeping and selling your data.  To see how this is possible, visit our "How it works" and "The Coolade Foundation" pages.  

If you're curious, go see how all of the other do-gooders will be utilizing the software in our, "User" page.


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Volunteers and Donors want to know where their time and money is being spent. Today there is a level of trust that needs to be had in order to donate either of these precious commodities to any sort of cause, let alone a Corporate entity. This trust is a commodity that is more valuable due to its ability to attract more Volunteers and Donors, adding value to a system that is designed to make all of our communities a better place to thrive. 


Coolade is a decentralized application that allows its users to not only interact with their favorite non-profits at the cause level, but also see where the funding is going. Within this transparency lies efficiency. 

Building Trust

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A Cause to Believe in.

Users are intimately involved in the causes created on the platform. Users can create their own causes, invite friends, donate, and vote on the trajectory of the project. This isn’t even the best part. Our users can also supplement their income by completing tasks associated with the project. 


Why isn’t it someone’s job to just do good works? Even enough income to give them more time to give to a cause they believe in. After all, time is money. How many more people have the ability to help their community when it is as easy as driving for uber? 


This is a big build, and if you’d like to be a part of it, visit the “Coolade Foundation” tab. You don’t even have to be a coder. We are going to need people of all skillsets! This is a project by and for the people.


To see how this feat can even be attempted, please visit our “How It Works” tab and explore while you’re feeling a bit geeky.


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When a Cause is created in Coolade it is set up by the creator by answering an easy series of questions (i.e. “When is the event?”, or “Who can help fund this cause?”). We have the ability to ask a question like, “Which currency would you like to accept?”. These answers give us the ability to take your cause from a good idea, to a crowdfunded cause that is an organized, transparent, do-gooding machine. If you’re really geeky, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to get a job done, and maintain a level of transparency that far outperforms our current methods of accountability and governance.


Coolade will be built on the Nexus platform to ensure security of the transactions regarding currency and data. Over multiple years we have explored various options in the blockchain space, but Nexus has offered the most robust platform available to fit Coolade’s needs… which are many.

Getting the Job done.

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Flexibility in the BlockChain Realm.

We will be utilizing the available technologies on the Nexus platform as well as working together to create new functionalities that will be mutually beneficial for both parties as well as those who would like to benefit from our breakthroughs. We are an open source technology that looks to utilize any breakthrough that comes our way. This means that we are very interested in building Coolade in a way that supports interoperability within the blockchain space.

Through a smart contract system, you'll be able to automatically set budgets for supplies, dates, vendors, and even payment for all volunteers involved. If you're interested in looking under the hood, our technical whitepaper will be published shortly!

Coolade Foundation

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The Coolade Foundation is a group of people that have a plan to operate the foundation within a certain set of perimeters. It is our ultimate goal to actually dissolve the foundation once it reaches a pivotal point of maturity. It is our goal to have the entire foundation be governed by the people who use the Coolade application as if it were a cause that was created within the system. It will run on the same platform it is building. 

When people get together and decide to propose updates a cause will be crated, funded, and and executed by those who made the decision to improve the application. Funding will be offered through our revenue model that will allow those involved to receive funds once certain requirements are met. This is all part of the Autonomous Donation Engine that runs the Coolade application.



Funding the Project

The success of the project will be decided by the people who believe in it. Donations and volunteer work will be critical until Coolade reaches Minimum Viable Product. At which point, the application will be receiving a 0.5% transaction fee for all transactions that are "Cashed Out" of the system. There are stipulations regarding the transaction fee, but the design and partnerships we are creating will allow us to maintain a level of fees that are vastly more cost efficient than the majority of financial methods currently available. 

When the Coolade foundation is dissolved, The transaction fee will be utilized to fund updates on the application, marketing budgets, ambassador programs, and even match donations! All of these causes created around the world will be transparent, and efficient.