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Volunteers and donors can be hard to acquire, track and maintain once the relationship has been started.  The volunteer needs to feel like their time has been utilized in the way they had hoped, and the donor needs to see that their funds are going to a good cause.  The answer to this problem is transparency. 

Currently the public has to trust various rating entities and possess the skills of an accountant to hold a non-profit accountable.  We need to be able to deem them trustworthy enough to donate to.  We have all heard the stories of waste, fraud and abuse that has happened with philanthropic organizations.

The Need for Volunteers

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How BlockChain will help.

CoolADE relies on blockchain technology, smart contracts and clever gamification that entices people to do good work efficiently and transparently.  Through our software, a Non-Profit can have the ability to create a cause oriented escrow that will not only give them the ability to automatically complete their tracking and reporting, but they will also be able to maintain all of their donors and volunteers in a way that is closer to a social networking than a CRM spreadsheet.  


Any Cause created in the CoolADE ecosystem has a multitude of options when it comes to customization, but it is intuitive enough to be managed by anyone in the organization.  This mitigates the need for large administrative fees, resulting in more donations going to good works.  As this efficiency and transparency becomes present, more donors and volunteers will become involved with the Non-Profit.

The icing on the cake, we can do it all for free without keeping and selling your data.  To see how this is possible, visit our "How it works" and "The Coolade Foundation" pages.  

If you're curious, go see how all of the other do-gooders will be utilizing the software in our, "User" page.