The Coolade team


Although the Coolade Foundation was started by multiple people during its inception two years ago, it is currently being directed by two of the founding members. Eric Sullivan, and John Kreisher. As the community grows, more will be added. 

Currently we are being advised by many individuals from within the Nexus developers, as well as individuals and exchanges in the fintech space. Those partnerships will be announced pending finalization and necessary confirmation of the relationships. These individuals range from event organizers, security analysts, content creators, and Non-profit organizations.  

As our community grows, more people will be necessary to complete The Coolade Foundation's Causes. Directors will be needed, and systems will be in place to make sure that the Coolade Foundation's original vision is bridged between inception to its ultimate dissolution. Once dissolved, the governance model designed around it will be in full control. Handing the reigns of the project over to the people who use it. 

If you'd like to know more about our governance model, please join our community to receive updates. This page will be updated over the coming weeks due to our rapidly evolving technical development, as well as finalization of the necessary documents that are pending engineering confirmation within the Nexus framework.