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When a Cause is created in CoolADE it is set up by the creator by answering an easy series of questions (i.e. “When is the event?”, or “Who can help fund this cause?”). We have the ability to ask a question like, “Which currency would you like to accept?”. These answers give us the ability to take your cause from a good idea, to a crowdfunded cause that is an organized, transparent, do-gooding machine. If you’re really geeky, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to get a job done, and maintain a level of transparency that far outperforms our current methods of accountability and governance.


Coolade will be built on the Nexus platform to ensure security of the transactions regarding currency and data. Over multiple years we have explored various options in the blockchain space, but Nexus has offered the most robust platform available to fit Coolade’s needs… which are many.

Getting the Job done.

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Flexibility in the BlockChain Realm.

We will be utilizing the available technologies on the Nexus platform as well as working together to create new functionalities that will be mutually beneficial for both parties as well as those who would like to benefit from our breakthroughs. We are an open source technology that looks to utilize any breakthrough that comes our way. This means that we are very interested in building CoolADE in a way that supports interoperability within the blockchain space.

Through a smart contract system, you'll be able to automatically set budgets for supplies, dates, vendors, and even payment for all volunteers involved. If you're interested in looking under the hood, our technical whitepaper will be published shortly!