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Volunteers and Donors want to know where their time and money is being spent. Today there is a level of trust that needs to be had in order to donate either of these precious commodities to any sort of cause, let alone a Corporate entity. This trust is a commodity that is more valuable due to its ability to attract more Volunteers and Donors, adding value to a system that is designed to make all of our communities a better place to thrive. 


CoolADE is a decentralized application that allows its users to not only interact with their favorite non-profits at the cause level, but also see where the funding is going. Within this transparency lies efficiency. 

Building Trust

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A Cause to Believe in.

Users are intimately involved in the causes created on the platform. Users can create their own causes, invite friends, donate, and vote on the trajectory of the project. This isn’t even the best part. Our users can also supplement their income by completing tasks associated with the project. 


Why isn’t it someone’s job to just do good works? Even enough income to give them more time to give to a cause they believe in. After all, time is money. How many more people have the ability to help their community when it is as easy as driving for uber? 


This is a big build, and if you’d like to be a part of it, visit the “Coolade foundation” tab. You don’t even have to be a coder. We are going to need people of all skillsets! This is a project by and for the people.


To see how this feat can even be attempted, please visit our “How It Works” tab and explore while you’re feeling a bit geeky.